The participant assumes all responsibility for and shall bear all liabilities and expenses relating to the products offered for sale. The participant shall save the sponsoring groups, market managers, The City of Highwood, and the Highwood Chamber of Commerce, their successors, agents and assigns harmless from and against and indemnify them for all liability, loss, cost, attorney’s fees, expenses or damages howsoever caused by reason of products sold by participant or any act of omission of participant, including but not limited to any injury (whether to body, property, or personal or business character or reputation) sustained by any person to any person or to property, and for any violation of municipal, state or federal laws or regulations governing the products of their sale, which may result from the sale or distribution of the products by the participant.
The participant shall further indemnify sponsors, market manager, The City of Highwood, Highwood Chamber of Commerce, their successors, agents and assigns from all costs and attorney’s fees incurred in successfully defending or prosecuting any dispute regarding a violation of the rules and regulations set forth under this agreement.

I agree to sell or offer for sale only those items listed above. I acknowledge full responsibility for my activities and conduct and those of anyone working in my space at the Highwood Evening Market and hereby acknowledge receipt of the rules operation and agree to comply with them.

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