Celebrate Highwood was created in the spring of 2009 as an ad hoc organization between the City of Highwood and the Highwood Chamber of Commerce to bridge the two together to help market the community.  Highwood was no longer the destination City that it had been years back when there were no other places around with restaurants and bars.  The surrounding cities and villages now had town centers with their own restaurants and bars, people no longer traveled to Highwood as a regular weekly activity.  The organization wanted to bring back the feel of Highwood as a destination City.  Not only for people who want to drink, but for the whole family to feel comfortable coming to Highwood.  

A website was created and banners were hung with the new logo.  After a few more meetings, the group believed it would take more than marketing materials to get people back to Highwood. The idea of a farmers market was floated around, but when one of the members mentioned doing it in the evening to mimic Highwood’s active times, we were off to the races.  The first week in June 2009, we had our first Highwood Evening Gourmet Farmers Market.  We had about six vendors and the temperature was a balmy 45 degrees, but it was packed by 6pm and we knew we had something special. 


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