This year marks the 49th anniversary of Highwood’s oldest festival. Complete with carnival rides, funnel cakes, live music and tons of food from local vendors – this is the most traditional festival and will not disappoint! To add to the excitement, in 2016 Celebrate Highwood added a beer and margarita garden and the annual North Shore Taco Fest where we will bring together the region’s best taco-centric restaurants, caterers and food trucks to offer a wide range of mouth-watering taco creations.


From downtown Highwood, up along the lake shore and through historic Ft Sheridan, the North Shore Taco Run 5K will be a run to remember.  Grab a friend, grab your kids, grab your parents who even at 70+ can still outlast you on the course, and come join the fun. When you’ve completed the race, walk right over to the North Shore Taco Festival grounds, listen to some live music and grab your complimentary taco and beer or margarita!!

Proceeds for this run will go to Highland Park-Highwood Legal Aid Clinic.  The Highland Park-Highwood Legal Aid Clinic provides legal services to low-income individuals who live or work in Highland Park or Highwood in the areas of Housing, Domestic Violence and Immigration.  Since opening a little over two years ago, the Clinic has helped over 350 people stay in their homes, obtain a pathway to citizenship or escape an abusive relationship.



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